Owl City's Tour Will Be A 'Different Flavor'

'It's this big arc of music,' Owl City tells MTV News about his trek, kicking off next week.

Owl City will kick off his fall tour on September 5 in Nashville and the "Good Time" singer promises that the tour's motto is in a sense "go big or go home."

"[Fans should expect] new songs, old songs, mixture of both. You know dynamics," OC's Adam Young told MTV News last week, when he stopped by to promote his just-released album, The Midsummer Station.

"There's something I don't really do on the record that I try to do live, cause how can you really do a big rock show and not have a lot of guitars?" he added. "I try to have like big loud guitars up front and center to make it have that arena rock feel. [It's] different for some songs, just different flavors, different renditions, medleys, interludes. It's this big arc of music. There's never really silence."

In addition to his stateside shows, he will also take the jaunt all around the world, which means he'll be spending a lot of time in airports over the course of the next few months before the tour wraps up in November in Australia.

"The tour's coming up, lots of it, a lot of shows around the world, a lot of airports, international flights and stuff," he explained. "Those kill me, but that's part of it. I don't have to go work at a gas station. I get to go get on a plane and sit for 14 hours, yeah, but I get to go to Australia and play songs for people there and that's an amazing thing."

So, what does Young do to pass the time in between flights? "I mean, it's Twitter. That's the thing, if you don't have your computer or your phone, it's the worst thing in the world," he said. "But ... it's something I get to do, not something I have to do."

In addition to his fall tour, kicking off next week, Young is also hard at work on his video for his next single, "Shooting Star."

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