will.i.am's Martian Broadcast: A Playlist For The Red Planet

As will's 'Reach for the Stars' is broadcast from the Mars Curiosity rover, we pick the other Black Eyed Peas tunes that should get the same treatment.

At 4 p.m. Tuesday (August 28), NASA will enter the final frontier of interplanetary cross-promotion when it broadcasts will.i.am's new single, "Reach for the Stars," live from the Mars Curiosity rover.

It's part of an educational event held at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab — will is a big proponent of the space program, recording a promotional video touting the terrestrial benefits of NASA's technologies and occasionally dressing like a space alien — and while we've got to admit that the whole thing is pretty cool, we're concerned that perhaps the broadcast might anger residents of the Red Planet, who, in addition to being our future overlords, are probably Yes fans.

Still, in the off chance they actually are bumping Black Eyed Peas tracks on the peak of the Olympus Mons, we've decided to put together a playlist that will appease their fickle Martian ears. Because when they do come to conquer us, we'd like to say we at least tried to make peace. Here are our BEP picks for our neighbors to the (far) north.

» "My Humps": Not only is it Chazz Michael Michaels' favorite song, but it's a fitting tribute to the topography of Mars, which, as Curiosity has shown, is full of lumps, lady or otherwise.

» "Boom Boom Pow": Have you seen everything that went into landing Curiosity on the surface of Mars? Boom, Boom, Pow indeed.

» "Don't Phunk With My Heart": This is how they spell "Funk" on Mars, after all.

» "Meet Me Halfway": Our plea to all the Martians out there: You live on a huge planet, and finding you is probably going to take years. Any chance you could, you know, just rendezvous with us on the lip of the Gale Crater or something?

» Fergie's "London Bridge": We're willing to bet most Martians have never been to England, and what better introduction to the complexities of Anglo culture than a song that contains the phrase "Grey Goose got ya girl feelin' loose"?

» "I Gotta Feeling": This song was even a huge hit at Martian bar mitzvahs.

» will.i.am's "I Got It From My Mama": Since Mars is probably where Interscope hid all the unsold copies of his Songs About Girls album anyway.

What other BEP songs should they play on Mars? Share your picks in the comments!