Will Justin Bieber Be Adopted By Rob Dyrdek?

'It's like being friends with a unicorn,' 'Ridiculousness' star tells MTV News about Believe singer.

Rob Dyrdek and Justin Bieber are pretty much bros. They are so close that they have joined forces on several occasions to put their friendship to celluloid with the MTV cameras rolling.

Bieber has appeared on two of Dyrdek's MTV series, "Fantasy Factory" (in 2011) and again on his viral video chat show, "Ridiculousness," in 2012. On top of that, master prankster Bieber also attempted to pull a fast one on Dyrdek when he hosted "Punk'd" earlier this year, only to find that the skateboarder was all too smart to get foiled by the teen pop star. So, why are Dyrdek and Bieber such besties?

"It's a weird friendship. It's like being friends with a unicorn," he joked to MTV News. "But the thing is that I've always from the first time that I met him, he's been so level-headed and smart and cool. Like he's very aware — for being that young — of his place in this world, despite it being some level of dream come true."

Dyrdek acknowledges the generation difference, but that doesn't stop the two from collaborating.

"At that age, he's just very hyper-aware, but the big thing is me and his dad are the same age," he added. "So I was like 'Man, I should adopt you. Like you know what I could do with your money? We could do so much with your money.' "

Bieber seemed pretty down with being Dyrdek's son, further recalling, "He's like 'That'd be amazing.' Like that was in the beginning. It was about that, and in the episode [of 'Fantasy Factory'] when I gave him the T-Rex [car] and you know his mom called me and was like 'Be honest with me, like is this too dangerous for him?' And I was like 'Nah, it's mellow. It's totally mellow.'

"When really I should have said, 'This is too crazy for him.' She should not allow him to do this. I lied to Justin Bieber's mom."

The pro skateboarder says that the next time Bieber and him collaborate, it might be during the 18-year-old's Believe world tour. "No real plans or anything else on that front. We talked about me being a backup dancer for his concert tour," he said. "But I probably won't have time to make that dream come true."

You can tune into Rob Dyrdek's "Ridiculousness" every Monday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. This week, the show featured the shenanigan-loving Odd Future star Tyler, The Creator.

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