DJ Khaled ‘Didn’t Want To Rush’ Just Blaze Collaboration

Even though the Blaze-produced track, featuring an unknown MC, didn't make Kiss the Ring, Khaled says it 'might be on the next album.'

DJ Khaled‘s Kiss the Ring is a star-studded affair with all-star appearances from Rick Ross, Nas, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and Kanye West. Still, not everyone on Khaled’s wish list made the cut.

Back in April, the charismatic YMCMB disc jock released a vlog promoting his LP, which was released on Tuesday. In the clip, he’s sitting with multiplatinum producer Just Blaze working on a beat, a beat that did not make the final cut on Kiss the Ring.

“You know who I’m gonna play it for,” Khaled cryptically tells Blaze in the vlog, hyping up the beatsmith. “I’m gonna go see him, but I wanna be confident like, ‘This is the one,’ and then he can’t say nothing because it is the one.”

With all of the A-list talent on Kiss the Ring, it’s hard to imagine which heavy hitter Khaled was alluding to, and the platinum DJ wasn’t ready to give up the goods. “I found the sample and sent him the sample and I didn’t want to go into the studio and finish the beat, I wanted him to do it because the sample had that Just Blaze feel to it,” Khaled explained to MTV News of the song’s origins.

Though the track in question didn’t make Khaled’s latest, he’s confident that it will see the light of day — when the time is right, of course. “We actually did it, and it might be on the next album … it was a timing thing and I didn’t want to rush it to ruin it because it sounds so dope,” he said. “You never know; I got some surprises coming up.”

Which MC do you believe DJ Khaled and Just Blaze are planning to get on their collaboration track? Let us know in the comments!

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