Welcome To Nicki Minaj's Playhouse: 'I Am Your Leader' Video

Nicki rounds up Rick Ross, Cam'ron and director Colin Tilley for wacky clip.

Now you didn't expect Nicki Minaj's Barbie mansion to be all dainty and girly, did you? On Friday (August 24), Nick invited fans inside of her playhouse when she debuted her video for "I Am Your Leader" with Rick Ross and Cam'ron.

Vevo got the green light to premiere the Colin Tilley-directed clip for Nicki's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and it is just what you expect from the two twisted and creative minds. Eye-popping shades of pink and green set the tone for the vid, which takes place in Nicki's not-so-humble abode. There are trapezoid-shaped windows, neon-colored moose antlers on the wall and a bathtub with a television in it. The only thing missing is Pee-wee Herman.

Nicki and company hold things down, but before we are introduced to Rozay or Killa Cam, the schizophrenic Roman sets it off rapping, while standing on a zebra print rug in a black leather dominatrix outfit. "Play with me, check who came with me/ I brought a couple nines, plus the Ks with me," she rhymes while pointing her imaginary finger gun.

The rapstress tours her crib, going from a pink living room to rapping in a bubbly purple bathtub. It's no accident that the mammoth-sized Ross is seated at the head of a ridiculously long, gold-plated dining room table for the start of his verse. There aren't any heaping bowls of lobster bisque or diced pineapples (two of Ricky's favorite foods), but a 24-karat Nicki strikes vogue poses behind him as he spits his bars. And that's just as entertaining.

Only in a Nicki Minaj video can you find two of rap's hardest street figures performing in such a wacky setting, but it's the juxtaposition that "I Am Your Leader" offers which makes it fun. Cam'ron, who is known to sport a pink mink in his day, dons a blue button-up and a matching New York Yankees cap and raps from a slime-green staircase while moving portraits of he, Nicki and Rozay hang on the walls.

While Nicki's new crib may not be for most people, it's perfect for the Barbz.

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