Busta Rhymes 'Completely Understands' Lil Wayne's Feelings About New York

YMCMB rapper compares his labelmate's dislike of the Big Apple to his own feelings toward El Paso, Texas, where he was arrested.

Was Lil Wayne wrong for expressing his distaste for New York City? His YMCMB labelmate Busta Rhymes doesn't seem to think so.

"Everybody's entitled to their opinion," NY native Busta said Wednesday on Hot 97 personality Angie Martinez's afternoon show to promote his new free LP Year of the Dragon.

In fact, Busa Bus has similar feelings toward El Paso, Texas, after he and his entourage were arrested after performing there several years back. "It don't mean I don't like the people there, it don't mean I don't like my support, my love, but I don't like El Paso," the Dungeon Dragon stated, making his point very clear. "My experience in El Paso makes me not like it. I haven't done another show there since."

As far as his buddy Weezy, Busta understands why he's down on the Big Apple. On Monday, MTV News asked Wayne how it felt to perform in New York on August 14 with Nicki Minaj. "You know, flat out: I don't like New York," Weezy said before saying he had an "awesome" time on stage with Nicki.

Wayne's sentiment is not new. After he says he was harassed by police during his very first NYC show in July 2007, the "Lollipop" rapper told fans that he would never perform in the city again and he was cheered. After the show Weezy was arrested for gun possession and had to serve eight months in prison in 2010.

Even given the context, the multiplatinum rap star has his detractors. New York State Sen. Malcolm Smith called a Times Square press conference on Wednesday and demanded that Wayne apologize to the city. Busta, however, is in full support of Weezy.

"I can completely understand why he feels that way," Busta said in support, pointing to his 2007 arrest and 2010 incarceration within the city's borders. "He did a year in Rikers Island for something that probably you really wasn't guilty of, but because you were who you were, you had to eat that."

"You come to New York to do a show, you get charged for something, that probably you're not really guilty of," he said. "You know how New York do. And I'm not speakin' against New York City, I'm speaking against the way New York law might do things."

The "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See" MC also addressed the on-and-off feud between YMCMB and Hot 97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg. In June, Wayne pulled all YMCMB artists from Hot 97's Summer Jam lineup after Rosenberg openly criticized Minaj's "Starships" single on stage in front of a portion of the concertgoers.

Busta once again said that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but questioned the DJ's motives as he has been echoing his displeasure for Nicki's song for quite some time now. "When he's on it for six, seven months, what is this becoming," Bus questioned. "I'm saying he should say sorry because as an artist, I can't be performing nowhere and anybody introduces me as wack or unofficial or insinuate to the consumer prior to me getting on and setting this tone before I get on."