Lady Gaga Channels 'Stoned Disney Princess' On ARTPOP

Mother Monster tweets about album's vibe during Europe recording session.

Lady Gaga is not only traveling the globe on her Born This Way Ball, but she's also hard at work in the studio putting together tracks for her 2013 album release, ARTPOP.

And while little is really known about what it will actually sound like once it drops, Gaga did give a big tease to her Twitter followers. Right after her makeup artist, Tara Savelo, tweeted, "nothing like watching @ladygaga in her waspy white sweater and brown hair write the hardest marijuana record of all time.#maryjaneholland," Gaga had her own take on what she thinks her persona on the mysterious track is.

"Well i was going for a more stoned disney princess kinda vibe. not so much?" the Mother Monster tweeted from her hotel room in Latvia, where she was joined by producer DJ White Shadow. (He tweeted about heading to the country as well.)

In addition to once again hooking up with White Shadow, there have been hints that she's adding a few other collaborators into the fold as she works on this release. After rapper Azealia Banks tweeted about meeting up with the Mother Monster, many fans wondered if it meant that the two sassy ladies had some plans to lay down a track together. Additionally, she's also been rumored to be working with onetime BTW Ball tourmate, EDM star Zedd, on the album.

She reportedly also enlisted the help of Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich for the album. She recently teased fans with a new song, blasting it out of her car while in New York City. She even said that the dance track would be the first single from the new album. White Shadow also produced those tracks as well.

Gaga has also been playing her new piano-heavy song "Princess Die" while on tour. During one stop, she opened up a bit about her next album. "Let's just say I feel, I feel that when I wrote Born This Way, I demonstrated a sense of maturity," she said. "And I feel that on the next album, there's a lack of maturity — it's a tremendous lack of maturity or sense of responsibility."

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