Katy Perry's 'Wide Awake' Video: Watch The Exclusive 'Making Of' Feature Now!

Perry takes us behind the scenes of her VMA-nominated clip in exclusive MTV Buzzworthy feature.

Katy Perry got deep in her "Wide Awake" video, exploring the past year of her life in bold, biographic flourishes. But that wasn't the only depth she dealt with while shooting the clip ... after all, it was shot in 3-D, a process which required no shortage of creative editing and post-production techniques.

How do we know? Because we just watched the exclusive "Making Of 'Wide Awake' " feature, which goes behind the scenes of the shoot and into the edit room, revealing the challenges of bringing the clip to life in vivid three dimension.

And while most of the heavy lifting was left to the editors themselves, Perry faced no shortage of uh, unique challenges either, including working with French director Tony T ("He doesn't speak much English, and I don't speak much French," she laughed) and finding a way of wrapping up her epic Teenage Dream run in one single — and quite dark — clip.

"It's very dark," she said in the feature. "I always like to bring something different for each video and [for] 'Wide Awake,' I wanted to do a retrospective of my last year through artistic moments. The tour, finding myself, and coming out OK on the other side."

But above all else, her greatest task was convincing her parents that "Wide Awake" wasn't too dark ... or too risky. And while the video itself was a success — it's nominated for three Video Music Awards, including Video of the Year — the jury's still out on whether she actually succeeded in getting her parents' approval on its content.

"It's got a 'The Craft' vibe, and I love that movie," she said of the 1996 horror film. "I was never allowed to watch it growing up, and I think my parents would be horrified of this video."

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