One Direction's Zayn Malik Returns To Twitter After 24-Hour Break

'I was getting some abuse on twitter but I dont want to let my fans down,' Malik tweets, thanking fans for their support.

Zayn Malik pleased One Direction fans everywhere when he returned to Twitter on Thursday (August 23) after dropping out of the site earlier this week. He cited "hate" as the reason for his exit, but love from his loyal fans is what brought him back.

"Sorry, I was getting some abuse on twitter but I dont want to let my fans down. So I am back!!" he wrote, later adding, "And thanks for all your messages of support. I really do love all you guys, your support never ceases 2 amaze me."

Since his return, fans have expressed their excitement about being able to be kept in the loop on Malik's life. "Thank God @zaynmalik is I actually have a life," ‏@HadiKhanvict wrote.

"@zaynmalik We're so glad that you're back," @youare1Dfans wrote. "Dont do that again okay. we missed you so much !!"

Directioners also offered up their words of support for the singer despite the "hate" that drove him away from the site. "There is more people out there that love you than hate you," @gbeeba wrote.

"Zayn is my inspiration, because he teaches me to be strong & he taught me to just fight back," @CrewZaynster said. "Thank you @zaynmalik, for being amazing."

Fans not only have Zayn's return to be excited about, but also the news, which coincidentally also was revealed on Thursday, that the British fivesome would be dropping their new single, "Live While We're Young," on October 1, ahead of their sophomore album in November.

‏"Best day today!! @zaynmalik came back on Twitter and the name for the new single was released," @Kate_Howard16 shared. "Cant wait for #LiveWhileWe'reYoung!!"

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