All-Stars Perform With Top 10 On 'So You Think You Can Dance'

'Step Up Revolution' stars Kathryn McCormick and Stephen 'tWitch' Boss are among the all-stars who returned to 'SYTYCD.'

And then there were eight. "So You Think You Can Dance" put on an electrifying show with the help of returning all-stars, only to have to eliminate another two dancers as they inch closer to the finale.

In an attempt to push the potential of their top 10 contestants, "SYTYCD" disbanded the couples and paired them up individually with some of the show's favorite alumni, including "Step Up Revolution" stars Kathryn McCormick and Stephen "tWitch" Boss.

Some contestants rose to the challenge, and others fell short, as the individual dancers faced the judging panel led by Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and "Black Swan" choreographer Benjamin Millepied. But, they all held their own when they were joined by famed choreographer Tyce Diorio in the opening Broadway group number.

Tiffany Maher and Brandon Bryant (Season 5)

The usually forgettable dancer proved her strength in a challenging Doriana Sanchez disco routine involving 11 lifts. Maher is fighting to stay in the competition and her energy was through the roof. "You were tremendous tonight," Mary Murphy said.

Witney Carson and Nick Lazzarini (Season 1)

Conversely, the very memorable Carson finally got a chance to get down and sexy with season-one winner Nick in an up-tempo Travis Wall contemporary routine. Although she found herself in the bottom two based on last week, she exuded star power and took a big step forward.

Cole Horibe and Anya Garnis (Season 3)

So it seems like Cole can do some wrong. The near-perfect dancer had barely received any criticism until his cha cha with the original "hot tamale" Anya last night. Despite his precision, Cole received some notes to improve his footwork and his lines in the often troublesome dance style.

Lindsay Arnold and Jakob Karr (Season 6)

"Goodness me, when you think two weeks ago, you were almost going home, and here you are tonight being magnificent yet again," Lythgoe told Arnold after she shone in a rather unique shadow routine across one of the most amazing dancers "SYTYCD" has seen. The ballroom dancer has often been overshadowed (no pun intended) by Witney, but if she comes out of her shell a bit in front of the cameras, she will find her peak.

Will Thomas and Kathryn McCormick (Season 6)

This Bollywood routine brought out a real star. No, literally. Will played a snake charmer revealing "Step Up Revolution" starlet Kathryn McCormick from a wicker basket. The high-energy routine was perfectly suited for Will's bigger-than-life personality. He also managed to infuse his natural charm, making it a really fun number.

Cyrus "Glitch" Spencer and Jaimie Goodwin (Season 3)

The gentle robot dancer managed to humble the audience once again. No one cares that his technique wasn't perfect or his elevation wasn't that high, because there is something about Spencer's energy that transcends the moves, and it was proven again in this Travis Wall contemporary routine. "You, Cyrus, are somebody that has to dance," Lythgoe said before calling him "brilliant."

Chehon Wespi-Tschopp and Lauren Gottlieb (Season 3)

Chehon was the most of out of his comfort zone. The highly trained and disciplined ballet dancer took on hip-hop and managed to fare pretty well. He has found it hard to "let go," as most witnessed in his contemporary routine with Witney, but finally managed to find a little bit of swagger.

George Lawrence II and Allison Holker (Season 2)

"You're an amazing mover," Millepied told Lawrence, who has been praised as being, technically, one of the best dancers of the season, but has never found his footing with the audience. He received some negative comments from Lythgoe in regards to the believability of his character, and it might explain why he just doesn't connect.

Eliana Girard and Alex Wong (Season 7)

By far, the best performance of the night came from the utterly joyful and graceful Girard, who channeled her darker side in this raw Stacey Tookey contemporary routine that received a standing ovation. Lythgoe just came out with it and called her his favorite female dancer of the season, and we don't disagree! Everything from her lines to her technique to her passion are sheer perfection.

Audrey Case and Stephen "tWitch" Boss (Season 4)

Case received mixed reviews for both her dancing and performance in the eccentric hip-hop routine that closed the night. She did face the greatest challenge, though, being paired with the figurative and literal giant, "tWitch." Audrey did have moments of spark but found herself a bit overpowered by her all-star.

In the end, it was George Lawrence II and Audrey Case that the judges chose to let go, both of whom had tremendous potential. As the race gets tighter, the eliminations will get harder as eight dancers remain on season nine of "So You Think You Can Dance."

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