Cody Simpson Hits The Sweet Spot On Our Fro-Yo Date!

We hit Flavaboom for sundaes, where Aussie singer gives MTV News the scoop on his debut album, Paradise.

Cody Simpson has been waiting to have a debut album in stores for almost three years now, and in less than two months, that will be a reality. The singer has been working on Paradise ever since he was discovered on YouTube back in 2009, and when MTV News hung out with Simpson over frozen yogurt, we got the scoop.

After Simpson strategically placed his head under the chocolate dispenser at Flavaboom, a make-your-own fro-yo shop in New York, we sat down to talk about his upcoming album, which hits stores October 2. (We tried not to laugh when Cody got a little more yogurt than his cup could hold, so you'll have to check him out in the embedded video!)

"It's going to be awesome, it's just around the corner," Simpson said of Paradise. "I'm nervous and excited. I'm excited because I know my fans are really going to love it, but I'm also nervous because I'm going to be introduced on this album to a lot of new people. And [for] a lot of people, this is going to be the first thing they hear, so I'm nervous. I want to make a good first impression."

So what does Simpson want brand-new fans to know about him? "I'm a good kid, who surfs and likes to have fun and likes to make music," he said.

Simpson, who has a few more shows with Big Time Rush before he hits the road for some dates on Justin Bieber's Believe Tour, feels that his music not only reflects who he is as an artist, but his way of life.

"I've created music on this album that represents my lifestyle. I try to incorporate a lot of Australian inspirations, how I grew up and the lifestyle I try to represent because I'm just a kid from the beach and I surf a lot,' Simpson explained. "And I want to make a bunch of pop music, but I also want to make a bunch of that real acoustic, chill, beach kind of music."

To get fans hyped up for his debut, Simpson released Preview to Paradise, in June. According to Cody, the current single from that four-track EP, "Wish You Were Here," sets the tone for his upcoming release. "It's a real great dance track and my fans really love it and I wrote it with Taio Cruz and Dr. Luke," Simpson said. "We just thought it would be a great introduction to the album and just something that my fans would really love and that people would really love for the summer."

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