Robert Pattinson's Most Aww-some Moments

MTV News relives the star's most adorable moments from 'MTV First: Robert Pattinson.'

It's pretty obvious that we love Robert Pattinson around these parts, especially after that lengthy sit-down we scored ahead of the release of "Cosmopolis." While plenty of the conversation was dedicated to the David Cronenberg-directed thriller, there was also time for self-deprecating talk about his acting skills, future projects, rapid-fire Twitter questions and a game of "Never Have I Ever".

Despite the fact that we learned plenty of new and interesting facts from Pattinson, it was great seeing him just be his adorable, genuine, humble, hilarious self, so naturally we had to compile all those cute giggles, quips and asides for a "Most Adorable Moments" video. What this video lacks in substance it makes up for in Pattinson chuckles.

One of the moments featured is when MTV News' Josh Horowitz presents Pattinson with his award for "Cosmopolis" winning our MTV Movie Brawl earlier this year, which both delighted and dumbfounded its star.

"Is this the first time this award has been done?" he asked, before letting out a laugh so adorable that we blended it into the video several times for effect. Pattinson went on to point out that he seems to be missing a few of his MTV Movie Awards, which he requested we investigate.

In addition to all the snickering and silliness — we swear he completed several sentences before, after and during the laughter — listen for his tough-guy impression — "You want tears? You gotta pay me the big bucks" — while sipping tea. We're not sure if he was jokingly trying to do Pacino or Brando, but the result is adorable rather than intimidating.

What was your favorite Robert Pattinson moment from "MTV First"? Leave your comment below!

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