Lil Wayne Jokes: 'Don't Judge Me' By 2 Chainz 'Yuck!' Verse

'My bar game is way higher than that,' Weezy laughs to MTV News about his collabo with Deuce.

Lil Wayne is thrilled for his buddy 2 Chainz and all of the success the Atlanta rapper has achieved of late. So much so that he even pushed back the release of his Dedication 4 mixtape to allow rap fans to focus on Deuce's #1 solo debut, Based on a T.R.U. Story.

Wayne does, however, have a small bone to pick with his player partner over his own verse on the B.O.A.T.S. opener "Yuck!"

"I'm very upset about that just to let everybody know: He put me on that, I sound wack as hell on there," Weezy said laughing. "He did not tell me that was gonna be the first song on his album."

The rap great peppers the Street Runner-produced track with a few bars on the chorus. "Good B, bad bitch, got these hoes on my di-- like Brad Pitt," Tune spits on the hook. Sounds good to us, but these days, Wayne is judging himself by a higher standard.

"We were just in the studio and, man, I just did that," Weezy explained when we caught up with him on Monday as he announced his line of sneakers with Supra. "I was in there just messing around and I come back and hear it's [the] #1 [track] on his [album]. Please don't judge me from that — my bar game is way higher than that, man."

It's still all love, though, because after hearing that 2 Chainz scored a #1 Billboard debut with 147,000 copies sold, Wayne saluted his longtime friend. "Yo, Tity Boi, if you got the #1 album for real, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart, dawg," Wayne said, taking off his shades and looking straight into our cameras. "That's some awesome sh--."

The Young Money boss isn't the only one who's proud of Deuce. Nicki Minaj also praised her "Beez in the Trap" collaborator.

"When God says it's time, it's time," Nicki told MTV News of 2 Chainz's success. "He sat around for a very long time and it's like, you can't tell him nothing and you can't stop what God ordained, and I'm really, really excited for him. I love when people get a second chance, and he's the true meaning of capitalizing on a second chance and making it work and winning."