The Wanted Tease 'Insane' LMFAO Collabos

'I'm not sure if the sounds are a bit too wild to go on this album, but it was a great experience,' Nathan Sykes tells MTV News.

The Wanted burst onto the scene earlier this year with two massive singles, "Glad you Came" and "Chasing the Sun." Now, the U.K. boy band is gearing up to hit the road with those songs and more from their self-titled EP when they join Justin Bieber on his upcoming Believe Tour.

"We are doing a few gigs with him on his tour," Max George confirmed to MTV News when we caught up with the guys at the MixTape Festival in Hershey, Pennsylvania, over the weekend. "We would have liked to have done more [dates], but we have our own shows in South America and stuff like that, so we can't do all of them."

But one thing the British-Irish boy band — nominated for their first Video Music Award in the Best New Artist category this year — has yet to do is release a full-length album in the States. When we asked for an update, the guys told us they're still working on it.

"We've been working on it for, like, the last six months, but it's still not ready yet," Max said. "We're still working away on that and we've got plenty more traveling to do yet, so I'm not actually sure when the album is going to be ready."

And though they know fans want to see the album to hit stores before the year closes out, it seems highly unlikely, according to Tom Parker. "Everyone's talking about like November-ish, but then we were like, 'If the album's not ready for November, then we're going to do it in, like, the first quarter of the New Year,' " he said. "And I think the first single off the new album will come before the New Year."

The Wanted have expressed interest in getting Justin Bieber and Chris Brown on their album, and while those names have not yet been confirmed, the group has been in the studio collaborating with several other artists, including LMFAO.

"Real, real, cool guys, and their production on tracks is just insane," Nathan Sykes said. "They've just been off to Brazil and they came back with all these new fresh sounds; it was cool working with them. I'm not sure if the sounds are a bit too wild to go on this album, but it was a great experience."

For now, fans can look forward to another single off their EP, though they wouldn't say which one. "The new single is coming in a few weeks' time. It should be going to radio and stuff like that," Sykes revealed. "We're doing a video for it in a couple weeks as well in L.A., which is really exciting. We are just trying to lock down all the ideas for it now."

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