Green Day Team With 'Angry Birds' To Premiere New Song

Fans can unlock 'Troublemaker,' a track off the band's upcoming ¡Uno! album, in the new 'Birds' game.

Pretty much everything about Green Day's upcoming trilogy of albums (beginning with the fact that it's a trilogy of albums) could be described as "non-traditional." So it sort of makes sense that, in keeping with their recent run of secret shows and musical cameos on "CSI: NY," they've chosen to team with the folks behind "Angry Birds" for a special version of the vaunted game/time waster (take that, Kanye.)

The new edition — part of the "Angry Birds Friends" series — features customized Green Day pigs (who look an awful lot like Billie Joe, Mike and Tre), 10 never-before-seen levels (each sporting sufficiently "rock" touches) and — perhaps most noteworthy to fans — the chance to unlock a brand-new song off ¡Uno! called "Troublemaker."

And while this latest promotional turn may be a far cry from the band's previous two decades — big videos, big tours, etc. — that's precisely the point. With their new albums, Green Day are ditching the traditional promo moves and trying very hard to do things differently.

"Everything's going to be coming from different directions. We really want to go viral with a lot of this stuff," Armstrong told MTV News. "Just whatever it takes to get the music out there."

¡Uno! is due in stores on September 25, and the band has already released a handful of tracks from the album through slightly more, uh, conventional means, including "Oh Love," and "Kill the DJ." The next two installments of the trilogy will be released in November and January.

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