'Avengers' Gag Reel: The Five Biggest Laughs

Hulk's hissy fit and Agent Coulson's 'tragic' demise are among the funniest scenes in the 'Avengers' outtakes.

You thought "Marvel's The Avengers" was funny? Wait until you get a load of the "Avengers" gag reel!

A hilarious four-minute long collection of outtakes for director Joss Whedon's superhero smash-up to end all superhero smash-ups (at least until his next superhero smash-up) has surfaced online, reminding everyone exactly why we fell in love with this movie in the first place. It's not about the Chitauri punching or the Coulson stabbing. No, the real reason we loved "Avengers" is because it's just so damn hysterical — and the gag reel only piles on more of the laughs.

Read on for our five favorite outtakes!

The Wrath Of Coulson

As much as "The Avengers" ripped our heart out with the death of Agent Coulson, the "Avengers" gag reel focuses that energy on busting our guts. Leave it to a master like Clark Gregg to fill our eyes with tears of laughter to go with the sorrow as he goes round after round to make sure Coulson dies just right. And thank all that is mighty for Cobie Smulders, whose feigned grief over Coulson's demise makes Captain Kirk's "Wrath of Khan" meltdown look even more laughable than it already is.

From Asgard To Hogwarts

Speaking of impressions, it turns out that Loki and Severus Snape have more in common than their nastiness. As the gag reel reveals, Tom Hiddleston isn't just the master of mischief, he's also the master of impersonating Alan Rickman's tremendously loved "Harry Potter" character. Powers that be, take note: when "Potter" is inevitably rebooted fifteen years from now, you know who to call when looking for your next potions master.

Family Meeting

In the film, all hell breaks loose once Loki steps onto the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, and that's well before Bruce Banner gets all mean and green. The trickster's bad vibes cause all of the Avengers to get into it with each other, a scene that works fantastically on screen, but proved much trickier to shoot, based on the gag reel. Good thing Whedon was on hand to break down the fourth wall and stop the kids from tearing each other's hair out before it was too late.

Wardrobe Malfunction

As cool as all of those costumes look, actually wearing one of Earth's mightiest uniforms comes with a considerable amount of baggage. Take Chris Evans' Steve Rogers, for instance. In the film, he looks positively heroic in his star-spangled duds. In the gag reel, he looks gloriously goofy as he tries to get a parachute pack on his back. We've never laughed this hard at America's most patriotic superhero.

The Lamest Party Trick Ever

You want to know Hulk's secret, Cap? He's always terrified. Wait... that's not how it's supposed to go! Sorry, we're just mixed up from watching the gag reel's Banner flee for his life like a frightened five year old in the face of alien invasion. The other guy would be red with shame if he could see Brucie now.

What did you like the most about the "Avengers" gag reel? Bring the laughter to the comments below!