Lil Wayne Unveils SUPRA Shoe Collabo In Las Vegas

On first day of Project/MAGIC trade show, Weezy announces his brand-new sneaker line.

LAS VEGAS — In Wayne's world, he has it all: groundbreaking music, arguably the most sought-after record label stacked with platinum artists, a rabid fanbase and now, his own sneaker line.

YMCMB artist Lil Wayne was in Sin City making his debut at Project, an arm of the Magic Convention introducing his own Trukfit clothing line and his lifestyle shoe collection for SUPRA. Once word got out that Weezy F was in the building for the in-person co-sign of his brand, the corridors of the Mandalay Bay were flooded with fashion heads awaiting his arrival. Weezy sent fans into a frenzy when he appeared, draped in his Trukfit line down to the eyewear.

"I was just rocking 'em when I was skating and stuff and when I got real cool with the homey, [skateboarder] Stevie Williams, it was like a plug from him," Wayne told MTV News about his collaboration with SUPRA. "It was just a mutual respect on each end so it was just bound to happen."

The always-fashionable Lil Wayne said he was "rocking SUPRA" long before he got the call from the company. However, as is the case with many things in his fast-paced life, Weezy confessed he had no idea of the company's background up until recently.

"I look at the reality and the facts of it, like I been rocking this shoe before I even knew what it was," Wayne elaborated on the venture. "So for me to start skating and for these shoe lines to start coming at me like, 'Hey, we wanna give you your own skate shoe,' it was only right for me to mess with the people I been messing with even before they were a skate shoe."

Fans looking to get their hands on Weezy's signature kicks will have to wait just a bit longer. The first line lands in stores May 1, 2013.

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