Nicki Minaj Is 'Six People' In One, 2 Chainz Says

'She demands respect when she hits the room, but she crazy as hell,' rapper tells 'RapFix Live' of his collaborator and friend.

2 Chainz is no psychiatrist, but it's safe to say the Atlanta MC knows Nicki Minaj pretty well — well enough to gauge her and her multiple rap personalities.

On Wednesday, [article id="1691946"]Deuce rolled up[/article] to "RapFix Live" and fielded all the questions MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway threw at him, but it was a pre-taped question from his favorite Barbie that threw him off just a little bit. "Did you think I was crazy 2 Chainz, did you," Nicki rhetorically asked her "Beez in the Trap" collaborator.

"She's like six people," Deuce said in reaction to Nick's question, pointing out her multiple voice changes.

2 Chainz has gotten to know Nicki very well over the years. They first struck a bond touring with Lil Wayne on 2008's I Am Music Tour. "I've known Nicki for a minute; I met her on the I Am Music Tour, the first leg with Wayne. It was cool, we had a great relationship, we used to talk, trip out here and there," he told MTV News in April.

More recently, 2 Chainz added a verse to Nicki's [article id="1683229"]"Beez in the Trap"[/article] single, and the Barb returned the favor on "I Luv Dem Strippers," the new single from 2 Chainz's recently released solo debut, Based on a T.R.U. Story. The pair also hit a couple of show dates on the most recent leg of the curvy rapper's [article id="1687825"]Pink Friday Tour[/article].

"Nicki is out there, and she's definitely more than a rap artist," he said of his collaborator and friend. "I learned that going on tour with her. She's definitely a lady. She demands respect when she hits the room, but she crazy as hell. I mean, who didn't know that?"

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