Kid Cudi Inspires Kreayshawn's Punk Track For Debut

'Since every song sounds so vastly different, the features are everywhere,' Kreayshawn says of upcoming LP Something 'Bout Kreay.

According to Kreayshawn, describing her debut album Something 'Bout Kreay as "eclectic" would be an understatement, thanks to a staggering range of songs and features from the likes of Kid Cudi and 2 Chainz.

With the buzz of "Gucci Gucci" still resonating, Kreayshawn told MTV News that she traveled internationally, meeting new people and hitting the stage to establish herself as a performer, before finally taking four months off this year to work on her debut. The 22-year-old then linked up with producer Jean Baptiste to create an album that will span from New Orleans bounce music to punk rock.

"My main goal was to have every song inspired by a different genre of music, so every song sounds incredibly different," said the Bay Area rapper, comparing "Gucci Gucci" to her latest singles, "Go Hard (La.La.La) and "Syrup." "They all sound drastically different and I think the album's gonna reflect that. It's like a musical adventure I guess — it's just me showing my music knowledge and having fun."

With a tracklist that diverse, the features had to be a diverse as well, so Kreayshawn nabbed everything from a 2 Chainz verse to a collaboration with Kid Cudi that would've fit well on his WZRD album.

"Since every song sounds so vastly different, the features are gonna be everywhere," she said. "With Cudi, we didn't really plan [to make a song], he came in and said, 'Oh I'm really into this punk stuff' and I was like, 'My mom was in a punk band!" From there Cudi brought in a guitar and began playing riffs for a track he had in mind, and they eventually incorporated live drums into the final product. "The song that me and Cudi did is really punk-inspired," she explained. "But he does gas that track though. Every time it comes on I know his whole verse by heart."

2 Chainz appeared on the single "Syrup," released back in May, giving her a chance to work with him once again. "Me and 2 Chainz exchange [music] but we always shoot music videos, Kreayshawn said, referencing their work on his single "Murder." "[The] two songs we've [done], we did music videos for both. I think spending time on a video shoot set you get more personal because there's so much waiting time in between. It was cool to work with 2 Chainz on the visuals and because he's a really really funny person."

Kreayshawn completed her album in March, and she's currently in the fine-tuning stages. Something 'Bout Kreay debuts on September 18 with additional production from Boyz Noise, Diplo and features from V-Nasty and more.

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