3OH!3 Get Presidential Party Approval For Omens

'I think President Obama would approve of this message; he's a guy who likes fun,' 3OH!3 say of their upcoming album.

3OH!3's new album may be called Omens, but don't get the wrong idea: As if first single "You're Gonna Love This" wasn't proof enough, they're not abandoning their party-hearty past for the foreboding future ... though they have really gotten into the whole "secret society" thing.

"Omens is our record title because when we sat and listened to the songs, they all felt a bit epic in a way, and a bit transitional in terms of what they talk about, and so the omens concept kind of fit right in there," Nate Motte told MTV News. "And we're also part of the Illuminati and we're, what's it called, 'Free Stone Masons?'"

"Free stoned masons," Sean Foreman added. "We're stoners."

And while we suspect they're kidding (but who can say for sure?!?), 3OH!3 are expanding their horizons on Omens, building on the bombast of past hits like "Starstrukk" and "My First Kiss" and exploring new sonic territories. That's due in no small part to some serious studio madness, a byproduct of being left to their own devices and toiling away on the new album for more than a year.

"I think that once you hear the songs, you'll see that we've taken it to a different place," Foreman said of the project due this fall. "Nate and I did pretty much the whole album in his basement, from writing to producing to mixing it, it's really been in our hands and we've taken a lot of liberties to do some crazy stuff. We just had a lot of fun making it, and I think that translates into the album overall."

So when it came time to make a video for "Love This," they wanted to cut loose. Actually, they started before the actual clip, with a viral video that inserted a fired-up Foreman in the background of Ppresident Obama's State of the Union speech. And while they never actually heard from the commander in chief, 3OH!3 would like to believe that he firmly endorses their hard-partying campaign.

"I think President Obama would approve of this message; he's a guy who likes fun, and he's all about including people, helping people out" Motte said. "And to me, this video helps us all have a good time."

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