'Expendables 2' Cast Revved Up By 'Huge' Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford Rumors

Jason Statham and Terry Crews tell MTV News the action heroes, including Nic Cage, would make for a 'massive' third installment.

It's hard enough trying to temper our excitement for the release of this week's surefire box-office champ, "Expendables 2," but the Internet rumor mill is already churning out talk of a potential third film in the franchise ... and several very high-profile action stars that might be in talks to appear in an "Expendables 3."

When MTV News caught up with the cast of "Expendables 2" recently, we asked them about those rumors and whether they'd be game to do another installment.

"Maybe today [I'd be game] — when I was shooting, it would have been a different answer," director Simon West joked. "When you're doing it you think, 'How could this get any bigger or more outlandish?' And then you start thinking about who else you could put in it and how you could take spins on it; you could do the female version, 'Expendabelles,' " he added. "There are a lot of spinoff and sequel versions possible with this."

But action superstar and scene-stealer Chuck Norris wasn't sold on the idea of a threequel just yet.

"I'd have to think about it," Norris said. "I enjoyed doing this one but I'd have to think about doing another one."

On the other hand, co-stars Jason Statham and Terry Crews are ready to sign up again. "I think they should all turn up," Statham said of lining up Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford and Nicolas Cage. "I'm a massive Clint Eastwood fan and have been forever; he's in the realm of Arnold and Sly for me. I'd be fine doing a third [movie]," he added with a smile. "I've got a few left in me I think."

"I'm loving Nic Cage, I'm definitely loving Clint and Harrison," Crews said. "What can you say? You'd think this movie couldn't get any bigger, but with the addition of those [rumored] names, damn, it got bigger! This thing [could be] huge."

In addition to thinking outside the box with his "Expendabelles" idea, West agreed that adding more action-movie legends to the already-packed roster would take things to another level.

"On days when I had all those guys together, you're thinking, 'This is incredible, this will never happen again,' and then you start thinking if we do do it again, if we had Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford and Sean Connery and Nic Cage and all those guys, oh my God, it really would be another stage up."

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