Kreayshawn Appreciates 'Dope' Azealia Banks Apology

'All the beef tears our fans apart' Kreay tells MTV News after patching things up with '212' singer.

Azealia Banks has been making headlines over the past couple of days for her new magazine features and her beef with Jim Jones, but she also publicly patched things up with Kreayshawn, which the "Gucci Gucci" rapper thinks is a good look for artists and fans alike.

The beef started a few months back when Kreayshawn retweeted a link to Azealia's hit "212" saying how much she liked the track, but when the link directed fans to a porn site, Ms. Banks got heated. She immediately threw a few harsh words at Kreayshawn, but last week, she apologized on Twitter after realizing she made a mistake.

According to Kreayshawn, who is getting ready to drop her debut Something 'Bout Kreay next month, Banks actually reached out a few months ago to say sorry.

"We had some shows in Japan together and we had a chance to watch each other perform," Kreay told MTV News. "I've always been a fan, and she hit me up and said, 'I really like your live show.' That was back in April, but no one even noticed that."

The two crossed paths again at another show and really put their differences behind them.

"I went to her Mermaid Ball show in LA because a lot of my homegirls were performing," Kreayshawn said. "She ended up hitting me up a couple of weeks after and said, 'I really wanna publicly apologize,' and I [thought that was] really dope."

"I think it's cool because there's so many girls looking up to everyone that all the beef tears our fans apart," the rapper continued. People feel like, 'I have to be this person's fan and hate on this person.' So I think it shows that you can forgive people, you can apologize to people, you can realize you're wrong and it shows camaraderie for all girls. It's for girl power."

Something 'Bout Kreay is due on September 18, lead by the single "Go Hard (La La La)." Stay turned to MTV News for more from our interview with Kreayshawn.

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