'Cosmopolis' Made Robert Pattinson Feel Like An Actor

'It was one of the first times I considered myself an actor,' the British star tells MTV News about getting cast in David Cronenberg's thriller.

Even if it's hard to know exactly what "Cosmopolis" is about, it's clear that above all else, this film was a risky move for Robert Pattinson. Best known for playing dreamy vampire Edward Cullen in "The Twilight Saga," Pattinson sheathed the fangs in favor of a limousine ride to hell in the David Cronenberg thriller — a development that surprised Pattinson as much as it surprised anyone else.

During "MTV First: Robert Pattinson," the "Twilight" star revealed that his casting in "Cosmopolis" was "one of the first times I considered myself an actor."

"I had to come to terms with that," he said. "That was one of my first questions. 'What do you see in me? Why? Why? Why are you hiring me?' Cronenberg is one of those people when you're asked who you want to work with, he doesn't even come into my head. Because that's like saying, 'Want to work with Orson Welles?'"

"It was total luck. It was like a gift to get the job," he added. "I sort of fell into acting. It's not like I've been striving since I was a kid to get this. But I like movies more than acting, I think. I like the idea of being in movies that I like, contributing something."

With a surprising and critically acclaimed turn as Eric Packer now under his belt, the newly minted Cronenberg alum is trying not to get too far ahead of himself. The actor said that he's cautious about feeling validated by the role.

"I think as soon as you feel validated, you're a bad actor," said Pattinson. "You have to constantly feel that there's a 99% chance of failure. Total failure. Devastating failure. You should feel like every single job is the potential where you're never going to get another job again. Not in a bad way — you should feel good about it, because then you're in it. It's all about living in the present."

None of which is to say that Pattinson isn't enjoying the positive "Cosmopolis" reviews. "It's a relief not to get sh-- on. I've had a lot of sh-- on my end," he laughed. "You get those first few reviews and it's [a sigh of relief]. And then you start desperately seeking out the bad ones."

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