Robert Pattinson Chose 'Where To Climax' In 'Cosmopolis'

Actor recalls filming six-page sex scene during 'MTV First: Robert Pattinson.'

When MTV News tasked the stars of the upcoming "Cosmopolis" with summarizing their existential drama in 10 seconds or less, director David Cronenberg probably did it best, saying, "A billionaire, in his limo, goes crosstown Manhattan along 47th Street from the east side to the west side to get a haircut."

And while it's true that mogul Eric Packer (played by Robert Pattinson) spends the majority of the film in the confines of an automobile, the ride is anything but boring.

During "MTV First: Robert Pattinson" on Thursday (August 16), the 26-year-old actor opened up about the challenges of filming not only a haircut scene, but a sex scene in the backseat. Yes, you read that right.

"They both had their points," the actor said with a laugh.

"The haircut, the difficult thing, I really wanted it to look like there were patches of scalp showing," he explained of his bizarre 'do. "But the guy's obviously not a barber, and he was acting as well with a huge pair of scissors, and he had to cut so close to the skin. He almost cut my ear off. That was kind of frightening, especially when I'm supposed to be this savant that's not [fazed]. But I'm terrified he's going to cut my ear off."

If the chop caused Pattinson pause, he didn't have much time to worry about the extended backseat sex scene because he apparently learned about it the day of the shoot!

"In the script, they weren't having sex, it was after," Pattinson said. "They finish having sex when the scene happens, and David told me that morning. He was like, 'It would be more interesting.' So even the dialogue, everything about it changes completely, 'cause we're, like, talking about the other security guard. It becomes funnier as well."

Pattinson added — rather proudly — that he played a key role in deciding the timing of his character's, um, release.

"There's the mechanics of the sex scene. Where does it climax? You're trying to figure that out. There's six pages of dialogue. That was my idea, where to climax. I had the idea of climaxing and saying, 'Do you find this interesting?' That's a cool line."

Find out more, including what Pattinson had to say about his one-take crying scene, by watching the video above. (Warning: There are spoilers!)

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