Ashley Greene Leads Exclusive 'Apparition' Set Visit!

'The movie is about strange and unusual circumstances that test that love,' co-star Sebastian Stan tells MTV News.

Ashley Greene is trading vampires for ghosts. Or, more specifically, "The Apparition."

The horror flick, which was written and directed by Todd Lincoln co-stars "Political Animals" actor Sebastian Stan, hits theaters August 24, and in anticipation of the thrills and chills, MTV News snagged an exclusive visit to the ooky, spooky set, where the stars dished on the project's premise and why moviegoers continue to be intrigued with things that go bump in the night.

"Basically, it's a young couple who is haunted by this supernatural presence from this experiment that has gone wrong years before," the "Twilight" actress explained. "I don't even know if you can call it a ghost. Basically, it's just this really evil, dark thing that kind of capitalizes on your worst nightmare, your worst fears."

Greene's co-star Stan, who plays her love interest, had a more romantic view of the film.

"I like to think of it as a story about love," he said with a grin and giggle. "No, I do! It's a relationship in a certain developmental stage of love. It's about two people, they care a lot about each other. Ultimately, the movie is about strange and unusual circumstances that test that love."

In keeping with any scare-fest worth its goose bumps, this production gave Greene's vocal cords a rigorous workout — but don't lump her in with all those "typical" scream queens.

"I'm not the ... horror movie-type girl," she said. "I think it has to have something behind it, and you're not just screaming to scream."

Of course, technique is key too. "Mine is kind of from the gut," she explained. "It's a little different than the typical, 'Oooooh!' "

For Stan, the movie's supernatural subject matter recalled his own childhood interests, though he said it also very much reflects our present sensibilities. "I think, personally, when I was a kid, I wanted to believe in UFOs, and I was all about it," he recalled. "So I think that hype or interest that people gravitate to is very appropriate right now in our time.

"I'm sure it's because someone out there certainly feels like they're living through this," he added jokingly.

Want more of "The Apparition"? Watch an exclusive clip in which Greene goes hunting for ghosts!

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