Beyonce Wants To 'Spread Positivity' On World Humanitarian Day

Queen B explains to Anderson Cooper why 'I Was Here' is the perfect song to represent Humanitarian Day, on Sunday, August 19.'

Before filming a music video at the United Nations Friday night, Beyoncé appeared at the council to sit with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper to chat about her passion for World Humanitarian Day.

Sitting next to Under-Secretary General and Emergency Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos, B explained why she posted that cryptic message on her website and chose the U.N. as the spot to film her "I Was Here" video.

"I was definitely attracted to raising awareness of this day of recognition," she told Cooper, going on to reference the tragic events of August 19, 2003. "I found out that 22 people lost their lives helping people in Baghdad and I thought it was such an incredible thing to turn that into something positive and try to include the world in doing something great for someone else."

Much like U.N. Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson, who told the audience last Friday night that Beyoncé's "I Was Here" is a "profound and moving song," the 30-year-old singer told Cooper that she thought it was a great fit. " 'I Was Here' says I want to leave my footprints in the sands of time, and it's basically all of our dreams [about] leaving our mark on the world," she explained. "We all want to know that our life meant something and that we did something for someone else and that we spread positivity, no matter how big or how small, so the song is perfect for Humanitarian Day.

"I feel like we all have our purpose and we all have our strengths and I don't know if it's selfish or unselfish, but it feels so wonderful to do something for someone else," Beyoncé added. "And I think for the U.N to want to include the whole world was something important, and that's what I represent.

B is encouraging fans to log on to by August 19 and commit to doing one good act to help someone in need, helping to reach the organization's goal of 1 billion volunteers.

Beyoncé's video collaboration with the United Nations will debut on World Humanitarian Day on Sunday.