2 Chainz Snatches Kanye Director For 'Birthday Song' Video

Chainz enlists Kanye West director Andreas Nilsson for a clip he tells 'RapFix Live' will take fans by surprise.

2 Chainz's latest video, for his Based on a T.R.U. Story single "I Love Dem Strippers," includes a cameo from his homegirl Nicki Minaj plus a few, um, strippers. But his upcoming visual for "Birthday Song" will have quite a different spin.

During his visit to "RapFix Live" on Wednesday (August 15), 2 Chainz revealed that the clip, directed by Andreas Nilsson, will be like nothing he's ever put out before.

"It's very trippy," 2 Chainz told host Sway Calloway, going on to share some details about the clip. "I actually let Kanye's director shoot it, Andreas Nilsson, and we were on the phone going over the treatment. I was just being conceptual. It's called 'Birthday Song,' so what do you think [of]? I think cake, balloons, candles, normal birthday stuff, but this guy just goes up the street, turns left and just keeps going left. He's telling me something like, 'I think it'd be nice if we put a cupcake on a girl's butt and shoot it off in fast motion, then blow up the cupcake.' So I said, 'Bro, come back home, come back!' "

2 Chainz says the director admitted that his creative ideas often get out of control, so they compromised by sharing some thoughts. "I shot him a few ideas and said, 'Let's play "birthday" word association.' I actually think of women jumping out of a cake, but we combined ideas, and we even had quadruplets in the video. I was intrigued by them."

While the Atlanta rapper wouldn't give away too much of the birthday surprise, he added that the video shoot itself was an event to remember. "The video is really colorful, and we actually did it in Yonkers [New York], so there was a lot of support, and people came out," he said, describing the mob scene. "Girls were pulling my hair, and I was feeling some kind of way. They rushed me to the trailer because the police stopped the video shoot, then they thought of this idea where we packed up and got in the car like we were leaving. [We] thought they was gonna go for that, but [we] go around the block and they was waiting — 'There he is again!' It didn't work, but it was a dope video."

2 Chainz's anticipated debut album, Based on a T.R.U. Story, was released Tuesday.