Green Day Ditch Politics To Party On Upcoming Album Triology

'We didn't want to come across as politicians,' Bille Joe Armstrong tells MTV News following the premiere of Green Day's new 'Oh Love' video.

By now, you've no doubt gawked at [artist id="988"]Green Day[/artist]'s brand-new "Oh Love" video, which is heavy on models and light on, well, pretty much everything else (it does, of course, also rock).

And that was precisely what the band — and director Samuel Bayer — was going for, as Green Day explained when they sat down with MTV News's Sway Calloway for an in-depth interview following "Oh Love's" premiere. It seems the song isn't some high-minded political scorcher. Instead, it focuses on more, uh, important issues.

"It's kind of a tension ballad ... instead of pulling at your heart strings, it's like a noose pulling at your heart a little bit, and trying to keep your emotions intact," frontman Billie Joe Armstrong explained. "It's very lustful, which is kind of a subject we haven't gotten into in a long time."

"It's about tension between your heart and other parts of your body, and figuring out, or maybe not figuring out what those do to you," bassist Mike Dirnt added. "But you've seen the video, and I'm pretty sure you guys figured that out."

And if avoiding politics may seem like a bit of a departure for Green Day — especially considering the overtones of American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, not to mention there's an election looming in November — well, you'd be right to make that assumption. On the upcoming ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tre! the band tried very hard to avoid the subject entirely ... they just wanna party.

"It was a time for us to step away [from that], because we didn't want to come across as politicians," Armstrong said. "We're in a band first and foremost, and we wanted to have a good time making music. So it was kind of a way of us getting back to basics."

"There's a lot of that in these records," Dirnt added. "It's kind of like getting ready and charging to the party on the first record, and then getting to the party on the second record and having an absolute great time and overstaying your welcome and doing a lot of damage, and then kind of looking for your car keys and doing some self-reflecting on the third record. "

Which side of Green Day would you rather see: partiers or political protestors? Let us know in the comments!