Green Day's 'Oh Love' Video Premieres: Watch It Here!

Green Day party with some seriously scary models in the 'Oh Love' video, which premiered Wednesday night on MTV.

At this point in their career, [artist id="988"]Green Day[/artist] have already conquered the world (at least twice by my unofficial count), shaken up the status quo and secured their spot on rock's Mt. Olympus. So you can't really blame them for filling their new "Oh Love" video with gaggles of gorgeous models ... after all, it's about the only thing they haven't done yet.

In fact, that seems to be the guiding principle behind their upcoming trio of new albums, too (the first, the appropriately titled ¡Uno! is out September 25). After plowing through a pair of concept records in the past decade, and spending the majority of the 1990s discovering new ways to play three chords really fast, they've finally come to the inevitable conclusion that there is nothing new under the sun. So instead, they just decided to make albums that are about all the stuff they missed along the way, as Billie Joe Armstrong told MTV News last month.

"The last two albums, American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, sort of bookend each other, and it's the end of that era," he said. "And I think with writing these three albums, we just started writing songs, just getting back to basics ... ¡Uno! is more of a power-pop record, ¡Dos! is more of a party, garage record, and ¡Tre! is sort of this epic ending ... It's kind of like going around the world in 37 songs with Green Day."

And part of that journey includes "Oh Love," which Armstrong described as "shooting from the crotch area." It makes sense, after all, Green Day have never exactly been the salacious types, and what better time to start than right now?

So they enlisted old friend Samuel Bayer to not only direct the "Love" video, but infuse it with all manner of crotch-friendly candy. And he succeeds. His usual gritty touches are all over the thing, as he places Green Day inside a bombed-out partyscape, complete with torn couches, spray-painted walls, and enough empties to give the dudes at Delta Tau pause — he's never met a video he couldn't dirty up — and then, as an added touch, he fills the thing with more models than a Ford casting call. They cavort, they almost kiss, they do that "lift your arms up in the air" thing that pretty girls do at concerts. And all of us (Green Day included) are left to just leer.

And really, that's about the extent of things. No plot, no message, just a bunch of dirty girls and some slightly skuzzy rock. Substantive, it ain't. But Green Day have already done substantive in spades. With "Oh Love," they just wanna party like there's no tomorrow ... mostly because, after 25 years, they're probably aware that there might not be a tomorrow. And hey, at least they don't look bored.

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