Cody Simpson Joins Justin Bieber's Tour After Big Time Rush Shows

Back to school? More like: back to touring. Simpson tells MTV News that he'll play a week of shows on Believe tour.

Cody Simpson isn't living the life of a normal 15-year-old. Instead of spending his summer gearing up for the next school year, Simpson has been touring the country as the opening act on Big Time Rush's 60-day North American tour. Wrapping up on September 21st, Cody's not taking any time off before the release of his debut album — he's about to hit the road with Justin Bieber.

MTV News caught up with Simpson in New York on Wednesday (August 16) where he shared his excitement of joining the Believe tour, which kicks off September 29th, and also features Carly Rae Jepsen.

"I'm on this tour until, like the end of September and then Bieber actually asked me to join him for the first week of his tour so I'm going to start in Vegas with him and do a couple of shows on the West coast around the time of my album," Simpson said of joining the sold-out concert. "And then pretty much go off by myself and promote it and sing and just keep singing. I think I'm going to Europe in November, so that should be fun."

Much like Bieber, Simpson was discovered on YouTube back in 2009 and is also signed with Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun. Now, even though their musical style has been compared from time to time, Simpson reveals there is no competition between the two, in fact, they have actually been in the studio together several times working on new material.

"He's a good mate of mine, we've been in the studio a couple of times together," Simpson said. "He hits me up from time to time like, 'I got an idea for you, come in we'll write a song and stuff.' It's just good to have musical relationships with people like that. It's good to learn from artists like that who are in similar positions as you are, but have been doing it for a little longer."

Yet, fans shouldn't get their hopes up because it doesn't look like a Simpson/Bieber collaboration will appear on the Australian singer's upcoming debut album, Paradise, which will be released October 2nd.

"Not on this album, but in the future, yeah who knows what will happen," Simpson said about releasing a Bieber track. "We are just waiting for the right time to do a song. We don't just want to put out a song because we can, you want to make sure it's the right song and the right time. I want to really introduce myself properly and then come together and release something later on in my career."

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