3OH!3's 'You're Gonna Love This' Video: Return Of The Kings

After ceding party-rock crown to LMFAO, 3OH!3 are back with a brand-new video ... and designs for a return to the throne.

Something terrible happened to 3OH!3 over the past year ... namely, LMFAO.

It seems that, in the time the Colorado duo have been working on their Omens album, Redfoo and SkyBlu have swooped in and claimed the title of America's Foremost Partymeisters. So after a three-year run at the top — thanks to sublimely stoopid hits like "Starstrukk" and "My First Kiss" — perhaps 3OH!3's time had passed and DayGlo despair would reign throughout the land.

Then again, maybe we shouldn't count them out just yet. Because on Wednesday (August 15), 3OH!3 began their insurrection with the premiere of their brand-new "You're Gonna Love This" video, which takes the fight directly to LMFAO's doorstep — the party mecca of the universe, Las Vegas — and fires shots across the bow of the S.S. "Party Rock Anthem" (it does not, however, appear to have an answer for Shufflebot). In short, it's the opening salvo in the war for our hard-partying future, a battle that Nate Motte and Sean Foreman are determined not to lose.

The plot of the video, as it were, is simple: 3OH!3 engage in an increasingly complex (and increasingly ridiculous) game of one-upmanship, one that involves little more than sinking impossible shots — take that, LMFAO — in and around Vegas' Planet Hollywood. Dice are cast from across the room with amazing accuracy, Frisbees chucked into dustbins from waaay downtown and a three-pointer is drained from the backseat of a convertible (because a regular jump shot wouldn't be awesome enough). In theory, they're doing this to win the affections of a girl, though, at clip's end, when she chooses a Tom Cruise impersonator over the dynamic duo, the message is clear: Really, 3OH!3 are doing this for you.

Because 3OH!3 want you (and their title) back. It's obvious both in the silly sentiments of the "Love This" video and the sonics of the song itself, which, with its electro whomp, starry synths and robo-voco chorus, seems destined to dominate the clubs (or at the very least show up during a party scene on a CW show). They've spent a year in the wilderness, and now they're mustering forces and beginning their siege on the city.

Will they succeed in reclaiming the crown from LMFAO? We'll just have to wait and see, though Motte and Foreman are unlikely to go quietly into the night. Like any good game of thrones, when it comes to party rocking, you win ... or you die.

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