Robert Pattinson's 'Cosmopolis' Explained In Ten Seconds

'It's about the unraveling of one man,' co-star Sarah Gadon tells MTV News about the story driving Pattinson's new thriller.

If you've been trapped in a car crawling through midtown Manhattan traffic without Internet access all week, then perhaps you don't know that we're celebrating the upcoming release of "Cosmopolis" with MTV First: Robert Pattinson this Thursday (August 16). Pattinson will join us live on MTV at 7:49 p.m. EST to unveil a brand new clip from the David Cronenberg-directed thriller, and he'll stay with us afterwards on for a 30-minute Q&A.

Among the many reasons to tune into this week's interview is the opportunity to finally understand what "Cosmopolis" is really, truly all about. Sure, Rob's in it, as are a bunch of other well-known faces including Jay Baruchel and Paul Giamatti. Beyond that, though, can anyone actually explain the plot behind the complex, mind-bending drama? Perhaps — but can they do it in ten seconds or less?

We put that question to the test ahead of MTV First: Robert Pattinson, asking his co-stars to summarize "Cosmopolis" in less than ten seconds when we caught up with them at the film's New York premiere earlier this week.

Giamatti put forth an admirable effort with his explanation: "An ultra-billionaire entrepreneur needs a haircut across town, gets caught in traffic on his way across town, and he then encounters many people from his life and is challenged existentially by them. Eventually, [spoiler], and then confronting himself." But with his censored-for-spoilers answer ending three seconds past the buzzer, Giamatti came close to completing our challenge — but no cigar.

How did Giamatti's co-stars Sarah Gadon and Emily Hampshire fare with our challenge? How about director David Cronenberg himself? Watch the video above to see their explanations of "Cosmopolis" in ten seconds or less. As for Pattinson's answer, you'll just have to tune into our MTV First on Thursday to find out!

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