Spice Girls' Olympics Gig Gave Mel B 'Girl-Power Feeling'

Scary Spice opens up to MTV News about the girls' headline-making reunion and partying in her cat suit until 8 a.m.

When all five Spice Girls zigazig-ahed their way through the Olympics Closing Ceremony on Sunday, it was a moment fans of the girl power group had been waiting for for weeks.

In the lead-up to their actual performance, the chatter around the fierce fivesome's gig remained the loudest of all the rumored acts, ranging from George Michael to Russell Brand to One Direction to Ed Sheeran.

And while the world waited to see the ladies take the stage, they had no idea they were that highly-anticipated. "Well you know the eye of the storm is really clam, so we're right in the middle of it. We were just hanging out every day and rehearsing with all of our kids and just spending time together. We didn't realize it was such a big, you know, worst-kept rumor," Mel "Scary Spice" Brown told MTV News on Tuesday. "And now that we've known that we all kind of find it funny. And, at the same time feel kind of very lucky and happy that people were so excited about it."

During their all-too-brief few minutes, the ladies gave fans two of their biggest hits, their career-making "Wannabe" and the Latin-flavored "Spice Up Your Life." "Well, we knew that we had to perform 'Wannabe' because that was our first song introduction to the music industry. And then the perfect match the vibe and the tempo was 'Spice Up Your Life.' It was kind of a no-brainer," she explained. "We just immediately agreed. I think all of us didn't want it to end. We wanted to do a whole show. It seemed like it just happened so quick.

"We just all decided we wanted to be a part of it and it was an opportunity. It was about time we'd gotten together. We haven't been together in five years. And it's been a great year for Britain this year and we thought 'How perfect would that be to be a part of the Olympics?' " she added. "We all decided to do it and it all happened within like two to three weeks. We all synced up our diaries and schedules and made it happen."

When they did take the stage that night, their individual costumes recalled their well-known personas of days gone by. Posh in her sophisticated black dress, Baby in a hot pink mini, Sporty in a track suit, Ginger in a red dress with Union Jack detailing and Scary, of course, in a body-hugging, nude-colored cat suit.

"Well, we just all decided we'd all get on with it and style ourselves. So I had a friend of mine from L.A., Stephanie, help me source out Zuhair Murad catsuit," she recalled. "He sent me some sketches over. I loved every single one of them. He just came up with a risky Scary Spice cat suit, which I loved and I wore out until 8 a.m. the next day. Because there was a lockdown at the Olympics until midnight and then me Geri [Halliwell] and Emma [Bunton] and Mel [Chisholm] and my husband all went to George Michael's house because he had a big party. And, yeah, we ended up partying until the early hours of the morning and I was in my costume the whole time. It super comfortable 'cause it was stretchy."

Considering that the ladies hadn't taken the stage together since a reunion tour back in 2007, it's hard to believe that the chemistry was as fresh as it was when they brought girl power to the masses in 1996. But, Mel insists that it's there because the fivesome's bond is the real deal.

"Whenever we get together, whether it be we go out for dinner or you know we just launched our ['Viva Forever'] musical, we just click back into how we were 20 years ago with each other," she said. "It's kind of very comfortable and very respectful girl-power feeling that we have between each other. It's like we just saw each other yesterday always."