'Jersey Shore' Season Six All About 'Family'

Pauly D opens up to MTV News about the 'strangers that became my friends,' returning to MTV in October.

When the new season of "Jersey Shore" kicks off in October, one thing's for certain: All the castmates will be closer than ever. Pauly D says the gang is really putting the "family" in family drama.

"The vibe in the house is great. For once, everybody, in the most part, is getting along more than we ever did," he explained to MTV News. "Because every time we would leave that house [in the past] there would be like unfinished business, like Sammi would be fighting with Jenni, or Ronnie and Sammi would be fighting or something. But not this time. Everybody was kind of together as a family."

The fact that everyone was so cool with one another has a lot to do with the fact that the crew has been through it all together the last few years.

"We all share something that nobody else does what we've been through, this whole experience," he added. "So you'll see that a lot this season."

While fans will get to see more of Snooki's pregnancy, Pauly has no lack of drama either, he explained.

"[Fans will see] a little bit of everything that you're used to. I got stalkers coming out of the woodwork. You're gonna see all that. There's girls," he teased. "And you'll see the DJ aspect of it and everything; get to see some of my friends from back home."

Of course, "Jersey Shore" fans got to know those pals better on his spin-off, "The Pauly D Project," earlier this year. Given that Pauly went into season six a vet of "JS" and of his spin-off, he shares that "didn't feel different" about heading back to the Shore. He said, " 'Cause I feel like my show was totally different. 'JS' is me going to Jersey visiting with strangers that became my friends, and my show was like me back home, going to Vegas with my friends I've known my whole life."

Don't miss "Jersey Shore," airing Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET on MTV, beginning October 4.