Fiend Cooks Up With Curren$y And Tha Dogg Pound On New Tape

'The sound of this mixtape here Iron Chef is super laid-back,' the Jet Life spitter tells Mixtape Daily of his last release.

Mixtape Daily Main Pick

Headliners: Fiend and Cookin' Soul

Representing: New Orleans, Louisiana

Mixtape: Iron Chef

Real Spit: Fiend is a hustler at heart. The New Orleans MC got his start as a part of Master P's No Limit crew and built ties with Ruff Ryders as well. Now, International Jones is flying high with Curren$y's Jet Life crew, and on his last Iron Chefmixtape, proves that he hasn't lost his passion for the grind.

"The sound of this mixtape here Iron Chef is super laid-back, aqua soul, funk boogie if you got a doobie," Fiend told Mixtape Daily of the tape that was entirely produced by the Spanish production outfit Cookin' Soul. "They were like, 'Let's produce this whole project for you, we did some work with some pervious Jets. I was like, 'Cool.' "

After a cinematic intro, the tape is properly set off with "Champagne," featuring Curren$y. Iron Chef is marked by its soulful sound bed. Tracks like "Mirror," "StreetPlayer" and "Why We Do" are tied together by deep, rolling bass lines and gospel-tinged melodies.

On "Ol Habits," Fiend links with his Jet Life labelmate Trademark da Skydiver and gets assists from Daz and Kurupt from Snoop's group, Tha Dogg Pound, on "Nobody Rides for Free."

With all of his years hustling in the rap game, Fiend knows that having a potent product is key. So rather flood his track list with a bunch of filler, International Jones cooks up nine tracks of that raw and uncut.

Joints to Check For

>> "Street Player" — "Street Player' is best defined as the day in the life of a cat, fresh out Louisiana, who gets it out the mud."

>> "Mirror" — "This cut here just represents the Louisiana piazza."

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