T.I. Relates To Thug-Turned-Politician Character On 'Boss'

'I was very intrigued, not only by the role, but by the show itself,' Tip says of the Starz series, beginning its second season on August 17.

T.I. has a new album on the way and the second season of his VH1 reality series premieres next month, but the father, rapper and actor still found time to film episodes for the Starz series "Boss," on which he landed a recurring role back in June.

Tip joined the cast of the political drama, which stars Kelsey Grammer as Chicago mayor Tom Kane, to play the role of a former gangbanger named Trey Rogers. Rogers is on a mission to prove that he's worthy of a career in City Hall, and the Atlanta rapper tells MTV News that he had no trouble clicking with his on-screen alias.

"Trey has been working diligently in another world and he has a strong hold and a lot of influence in that world," Tip explained of his character's political aspirations. "He's recognized that politicians use that influence to their advantage, and he's gonna parlay that influence to a better position."

"He's looking to move up in the world, he's very ambitious and he knows what he can do, but he also knows what he sees for himself," he continued. "I can relate to some parts of him. It's just an interesting role to play, and it says a lot about the series itself. I was very intrigued, not only by the role, but by the show itself and I'm just honored and pleased to be a part of it."

When he's not acting, you can find T.I. in the studio, working on his anticipated album, Trouble Man, which he said he hopes to complete by year's end. "Me being the perfectionist that I am, I'm still tweaking and fine-tuning, trying to perfect all parts of this project," Tip told MTV News, confirming that the album isn't yet complete. "I did, like, 124 songs, and I've narrowed it down to 86 now, so now I have to continue to narrow down and continue to make it better.

The second season of the Golden Globe-nominated series "Boss" premieres Friday, August 17 at 9p.m. EST on Starz.

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