Rob Kardashian Isn't Headed To USC Law School ... Yet

University of Southern California Gould Law School tells MTV News that Kardashian has yet to apply, despite recent claims.

Rob Kardashian has a lot on his plate, but attending the University of Southern California Gould Law School is not one of them — at least not yet.

The confusion began Wednesday when the USC undergrad and "Dancing With the Stars" alum tweeted about returning to the university for law school. He expressed his excitement and support for the Trojans.

USC's Gould Law program also took to Twitter to reveal that not only was the sole Kardashian son not on their roster, he hadn't even applied to the program, which has already closed applications for its fall 2012 semester.

Kardashian played off the incident, later tweeting, "If you all didn't know I graduated from the University of Southern Cal and we gonna win the SHIP this year! #MattBarkley4Heisman #FightOn."

Officials at Gould Law's Office of Public and Media Relations stuck to their statement when MTV News reached out this afternoon and couldn't offer an explanation as to why Kardashian might make the claim. They did mention they opened applications for the 2013 year on August 1 but could not yet confirm if Kardashian is one of the applicants.

Rob Kardashian's academic history with USC has been documented on the hit reality series "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." His late father, also a USC alum, reportedly made his son promise to complete his tenure at the institution. Kardashian is currently working on launching his own sock line.

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