Exclusive: Big Time Rush's Carlos Pena Shows Us His New Tattoo!

MTV News gets a glance of Pena's fresh ink backstage at Jones Beach.

The boys of Big Time Rush are getting some serious ink! Last month we revealed exclusive pictures of BTR's Kendall Schmidt getting a tattoo of a sugar skull tattoo on his right upper arm, but now we have the exclusive first look of bandmate Carlos Pena's new tribal tattoo on the right side of his torso.

MTV News caught up with Big Time Rush before their concert at Jones Beach, where they gave us a backstage tour. Carlos showed off his new ink, which he got last month, and explained that even though he loves his new look, it wasn't an easy process getting it done.

"It was like three hours, but I kind of got unlucky because it got split up," Carlos said. "So for the first hour and a half, I had numbing cream. I didn't feel it. And then we went and did a radio visit, and I came back, and the next hour and half was pretty terrible."

Carlos revealed that his new tribal tattoo isn't just a cool design; it also has many special meanings behind it.

"There are a ton of meanings, which I could probably write a book about it, but it all has meaning," Carlos said. "If it's something that you love, definitely a cool thing to do, but make sure it has a meaning because my dad was kind of iffy about it. But look, it means this and this and this, and that kind of made him a little over the edge, like 'ok cool.' "

And we also got an up-close and personal look at Kendall's new tattoo, which represents many different aspects of his life, including the Catholic holiday All Souls' Day, popularly symbolized in Mexico with a skull.

"I had three others already. I just like tattoos. It's definitely not the last one," Kendall said. "And the day All Souls' is the day of my birthday: November 2, so it made sense, and there's a whole bunch of other meanings in it. I just love tattoos. I kind of think they are a permanent art installation and I would recommend if you have something that meant a lot to you to get it when you're over 18. But I love it. It's crazy people are making drawings of it. It's really incredible."

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