Rita Ora's 'Eclectic' Debut Album Is 'Finally Done'

'I'm just ready for people to hear it,' the Roc Nation singer tells MTV News of her upcoming album, Ora.

Rita Ora certainly knows how to get a party started. The Roc Nation member's hit single "How We Do (Party)" has been an instant addition to many fans' summer playlists, and she's hoping to carry that momentum into the fall as she gears up for her debut release, Ora.

MTV News recently caught up with Ora at the first ever Rolling Stone "Women Who Rock" showcase, where she is competing against pop duo Karmin to land the September cover.

"It comes out in autumn, and I'm so excited about it," Ora said. "It took me two and a half years to finish this album, and I'm just ready for people to hear it. It's a bit scary actually putting this album out. I don't know what's going to happen. We worked really hard, me and Roc Nation, we are happy to say that we are finally done, and it's an honest real album, and there's so many different types of genres on there. It's a very eclectic album."

Working with Drake, will.i.am and The-Dream to name a few, many would think that the Kosovo-born, London-raised stylish singer would have no nerves about releasing her upcoming album, which is being released in the U.K. August 27.

"When you work hard on something for so long and you put it out there and you have no control of what's going to happen, you don't want to get bruised up," Ora said about being nervous of fan reaction to the album. "You want it to have a gold plate around it. I'm excited. I'm so happy and excited."

Yet, before she could release the album to the masses, she, of course, had to get the seal of approval from her boss and mentor, Jay-Z.

"He loved it," Ora said. "He looked at me and said, 'You love it?' I said 'I love it' and he said, 'Well, I love it too.' "

It's not just Jay-Z that has been fully on board of Ora's upcoming endeavors. She credits the entire Roc Nation family for letting her take creative freedom with her debut.

"I'm so lucky that I had a group and I had a family that never influenced me musically. They said you love music, you know what you want to sing and you know what you want to be. You go in there take us much time as you need and you come back out, and we'll help you if you want help," Ora said. "Which is why I'm so happy to be a part of Roc Nation."

Being included in Roc Nation carries some heavy weight. With artists like Rihanna, J. Cole and of course Jay-Z, Ora realizes that even though she is in good company, she still has a lot to prove.

"Automatically being signed to Roc Nation gives you a platform, but it's all about what you prove," Ora said. "No one is going to get up there and sing for you. It's pressure, but it's good pressure, it gets people's attention, but you have to maintain their attention."

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