Ryan Dunn's Estate Sued By Fellow Crash Victim's Family

Parents of Zachary Hartwell, also killed in last year's accident, are suing 'Jackass' star's estate and the bar the two were drinking in.

The parents of the passenger killed last summer in Ryan Dunn's car crash have filed suit against the former "Jackass" star's estate and the bar where Dunn had been drinking in the hours before the fatal accident.

According to TMZ, George and Erma Hartwell — the parents of Zachary Hartwell, who was killed alongside Dunn in the early morning crash in rural Pennsylvania last year — are seeking unspecified damages from Dunn's estate and Barnaby's of America, claiming the former acted "negligently and/or recklessly" while operating a motor vehicle "in an intoxicated state" and the latter "provid[ed] ... alcoholic beverages to a person who was visibly intoxicated."

In the days following the June 2011 crash, West Chester police revealed that Dunn had a blood alcohol level that was twice the legal limit and was driving his Porsche at speeds upward of 130 mph when he swerved off a road and crashed into a tree. Despite that — and claims that Dunn and a friend had been drinking at Barnaby's of America in the hours before the accident — investigators with the Pennsylvania State Board of Liquor Enforcement determined that no charges would be filed against the bar.

The Hartwell's suit alleges that their son's death was a direct result of "negligence, carelessness and recklessness" on the part of both Dunn and Barnaby's and are seeking compensation for the "pain and suffering [Hartwell] experienced prior to his death ... including ... anxiety, pre-impact fright, fear, pain and suffering." They are also looking to be compensated for any future wages and earnings Hartwell would have earned during the remainder of his life.

Dunn was 34 at the time of his death. Hartwell, who was sitting in the passenger seat of Dunn's Porsche when it crashed, was 30.