'Jersey Shore' Season-Six Shakeups Keep Pauly D On His Toes

Pauly tells MTV News that Snooki's pregnancy and Situation's rehab stint bring whole new dynamic to upcoming season, coming in October.

The sixth season of "Jersey Shore," kicking off in October, will see more changes in the house than ever before.

Not only did Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino go into filming this season a changed man after a stint in rehab, but Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi went into it pregnant. It's those changes that have Pauly D pumped for the new season, mostly because he wants viewers to see how it brought the pals and housemates closer than ever.

"I'm actually really excited for this season to air. It's actually probably one of my favorite seasons to film because it was all of us; we all came together as a family," he explained to MTV News. "We're all going through some things right now, like obviously Nicole's pregnant, my man Mike just got out of rehab, so how we deal with that and how we filmed it is cool, 'cause we all came together as a family. [That's] something that we didn't have to do before."

The friends have always had one another's backs, but not as intensely as in this season, Pauly said. Shakeups in how everyone shacked up in Seaside Heights will play out in the characteristically kooky "JS" way.

"[It used to be] Nicole with partying, partying, partying, but now she lived next door, so it was different," he teased, adding that while Snooki was away, Pauly and Vinny found a way to play with her. "Well, she had this porch, and then me and Vinny would kick down Snooki's porch [door] every day. We loved that porch. I was there more than my own house."

Pauly's excitement for Snooki's baby boy has him ready to help his friend raise the kid. And Uncle Pauly D even knows what he wants to buy the baby. That's right: some pint-size DJ equipment.

"I feel like we're all having this baby, because it's the first 'Jersey Shore' baby," he shared. "And we never thought in a million years Snooki would be a mother, so we're all gonna help her."

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