Big Time Rush Throw Big-Time Beach Party In New York

BTR do it B.I.G. when they bring their Big Time Summer Tour to New York alongside Cody Simpson and Rachel Crow.

WANTAGH, New York — The boys of Big Time Rush proved they love to have a little fun in the sun on Wednesday, when they buddied up with Rachel Crow and Cody Simpson to bring their Big Time Summer Tour to Jones Beach.

It was a kid's night out at Nikon at Jones Beach Amphitheatre while first season "The X-Factor" standout Rachel Crow welcomed fans singing tunes from her self-titled debut EP like "Rock With You" and anti-bully ode "Mean Girls." Young girls screamed, squealed and threw up affectionate home-made signs when 15-year-old Australian pop singer Cody Simpson took the stage dancing to Jay-Z and Kanye West's "Lift Off." After some cool choreography set to the original James Bond 007 theme, Cody ran through fan favorites "On My Mind," the acoustic "Angel" and his latest single "Wish You Were Here" with the type of boyish charm that made teenage girls swoon.

After a 20-minute intermission (that was well-timed with the sunset) and a big-screen cinematic intro, BTR stormed the stage to their fist-pumper "Elevate." The Rushers, as the guys so affectionately refer to their fans, greeted their heroes with wild applause when the quartet ran across the stage's multi-leveled risers and bounced on a massive trampoline. Without a single break in the action, the Nickelodeon-backed band continued to excite the crowd singing the fun-loving "Time of Our Life."

Carlos, Kendall, James and Logan then stopped the music to properly welcome the crowd by formally introducing themselves one by one. They each traded solos, as the stage's spotlight highlighted each member in tune to The-Dream-produced "No Idea." The guys then chose four lucky girls to join them on stage for their beloved ballad "Cover Girl."

The crowd's energy was lifted to new heights and fireworks erupted when BTR broke out into their super catchy "Boyfriend," then the entire theater turned into a sing-a-long when the boys cranked up their new single "Windows Down." Seemingly every concert goer let out a collective "woo-hoo" in time with the song's hook.

As the night drew to a close, Big Time Rush brought out all of their big-time hits. Even parents swayed back and forth, dancing to the group's unforgettable "Music Sounds Better With U," before BTR-closed with the theme song to their "Big Time Rush" television show.

After an hour-and-a-half of feel-good BTR jams, the youthful and energetic crowd (some up far past bed time) filed out into the parking lot waving light sabers and Big Time merch, all while praising the notorious and glorious B.I.G.

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