'Bourne Legacy' Exists In 'Parallel' World To First Films

'It lifts the curtain on the first three films,' Rachel Weisz tells MTV News.

For those who might be feeling skeptical about the five-year gap between the release of "The Bourne Ultimatum" and the new installment/revamp "The Bourne Legacy," rest assured that the filmmakers have creatively maneuvered around the issue by setting the story during the timeline established in 2007's "Ultimatum."

But just because the time frames are similar doesn't mean the movies are the same. When MTV News caught up with the "Legacy" cast and director Tony Gilroy recently, we asked them to reveal how the film fits into the "Bourne" canon while still standing on its own as a separate story.

"It completely does its own thing," Rachel Weisz said. "It introduces new characters, but it lifts the curtain on the first three films. It sort of says, 'If you think you know who was in charge, you were wrong. This is who is really in charge.' [You see] the men behind the curtain pulling the puppet strings."

"It pulls right out of the tail end of the last one," added Edward Norton, who plays government "program" supervisor Eric Byer. "It continues to widen its investigation of the subterranean world and take you into parallel corridors of it in a way that feels really real. It's very easy at the beginning of this to believe the events of those films that we've already seen are sort of now reverberating and having to be dealt with."

Because of the parallel storylines, a lot of fans have wondered how original star Matt Damon might fit into the new film (or not), which is a subject Gilroy assured us was only ever addressed by fans and journalists, not via actual meetings Gilroy had with Damon.

"Those conversations only happen in this room. There's been absolutely zero real conversation about any of that," Gilroy said. "Everything we get comes from speculation from press and from the blogosphere. We're not that organized."

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