'Jersey Shore' Stars Get Political In Funny Or Die Video

'I am seriously worried about this country's future,' Snooki says about the upcoming election.

The kids of the "Jersey Shore" care about a lot of things: killer abs and pecs, savage tans, wicked nights out, making sure they get time in the smush room and ... politics?

Apparently so. In a new video collaboration between "Funny or Die" and MTV's Power of 12, the first thing you see if mom-to-be Snooki reading an election-themed issue of Mother Jones magazine and asking the gang whom they plan to vote for in November.

Jersey Shore Politics from Snooki

"Snooks, who cares?" responds an exasperated Ronnie. "Yeah, I'm over it," adds Snickers' bestie, JWoww.

"What the eff is wrong with you people? I have a baby inside of me," says Snooki. "I am seriously worried about this country's future." The thing is, Sammi says, it just seems like our individual votes don't matter as much as they used to.

So leave it to Vinny — sporting a "That Shi Cray" T-shirt — to be the voice of reason. "You guys realize that this kind of apathy is damaging to our younger generations," he says with a wrinkled brow. "If anything, our lessened influence is a self-fulfilling prophecy."

The things get, well, seriously out of hand. No, the kids don't blow off their Politics 101 brainstorming session to do shots of tequila at Karma. They bring in the Situation, who has a very pointed response to Deena's suggestion that even though New Jersey has been a reliably blue state, its influence appears to have waned at the federal level.

"A keen observation Deena, but keep in mind there's still local candidates and ballot initiatives that demand consideration," Situation explains. But, wait, JWoww isn't gonna let him get off that easy with his simplification of how the entrenched power structure in Washington and individual voter detachment is to blame.

From there it gets too high-brow even for us, with a heated debate about the other GTL ("game theory logic"), Ronnie's heretofore secret book profiling French political scientist Maurice Duverger, the dangerous example of American hegemony (nice one, JWoww!) and Snooki's Abraham Lincoln-esque plea for unity.

They may have a point, you know. With 45 million 18- to 29-year-olds eligible to vote this November, you have the power to decide the outcome of the 2012 Election. Register to vote with the Power of 12's easy registration tool and check out our @mtvpowerof12 Twitter feed and the new #GymTanVote hashtag.