Florence And The Machine Channel Rave Past With 'Spectrum' Remix

'I went to raves, but I wasn't really there for the music!' Florence Welch confesses to MTV News at Lollapalooza.

Over the weekend, Florence and the Machine delivered one of the standout sets of Lollapalooza, filling the north end of Chicago's Grant Park and (much to the delight of the capacity crowd) premiering "Breath of Life," her song from the "Snow White and the Huntsman" soundtrack.

The performance was even more impressive considering the fact that, hours earlier, Florence Welch was drifting through Lolla's media area, telling MTV News she had reached "hallucinatory" levels of exhaustion ("It's not the good kind of hallucinatory," she sighed). And she was equally effacing when talking about the Calvin Harris remix of her single "Spectrum," which has become a sensation in England and has — rather surprisingly — given the Machine their first-ever U.K. #1.

"It's funny too, because it's a remix," she said. "It was basically a swap, actually. I wanted Calvin to remix 'Spectrum,' and he wanted me to do a song for his record. So we did a trade. He just handed it in, and it was amazing. He knows the score."

Welch said she'll return the favor by appearing on "Sweet Nothing," a song on Harris' upcoming album. And that migth not be the only dance track you'll hear her on in the near future. After all, she's always been a fan — and, as she explained, remixes are much easier on the psyche.

"It's nice. You get to listen to a song and actually appreciate it, instead of analyzing it. You end up liking it so much more, because it's out of your hands a bit," she said. "You can appreciate it, instead of being like, 'Aw, I should have done this or that ... ' "

And, to be fair, she has some experience when it comes to the U.K. electro scene, dating back to her art-school days. Or, more specifically, "daze."

"We've been into it since the '90s, since Acid House and all the big raves in Manchester; but that's a different kind of dance music. I went to raves, but I wasn't really there for the music!" she laughed. "I wore some weird stuff to raves. I wore a curtain. They were, like, squat, art-college raves, so people would be wearing the weirdest stuff ever. Someone came dressed as a string of sausages once ... lots of bubble wrap, curtains, stuff like that."