Justin Timberlake Plays Ball In 'Trouble With The Curve' Trailer

JT learns a thing or two from big-screen legend Clint Eastwood in the movie's first trailer.

"Trouble With the Curve" is an upcoming movie with a curious combination of elements. First and foremost, there's Clint Eastwood and his get-off-my-lawn "Gran Torino" persona not far behind. It's Eastwood's first appearance on screen since that film all the way back in 2008, and this time, he finds himself in the changing world of baseball scouting. Add in Justin Timberlake as a young whippersnapper of a scout, and you have yourself a movie.

The first trailer for "Trouble With the Curve" (via Yahoo! Movies) gives us a more fleshed-out idea of what the upcoming movie will be about.

In the film, Eastwood plays a professional baseball scout who is more old school than some of his bosses would prefer him to be. His daughter, played by Amy Adams, is joining him on one last recruiting trip. Father and daughter have a somewhat troubled past, as he shipped her off when her mother passed away.

Timberlake comes into the equation as a baseball scout who has his sights set on Adams. She seems reluctant at first, but that might change once there's scantily clad swimming to be had. "Trouble With the Curve" is JT's first film since last year's disappointing "In Time," but with the Coen Brothers' "Inside Llewyn Davis" premiering soon, Timberlake should have a busy few months ahead of him.

With Eastwood and Timberlake sharing the screen in a "Moneyball"-esque heart-warmer, expect a pretty big take for "Trouble With the Curve" at the box office when it opens on September 21.

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