Jennifer Lopez Sues Ex-Chauffeur For $20 Million

Singer claims former driver tried to extort nearly $3 million from her.

What goes on in the limo, stays in the limo.

At least that's how Jennifer Lopez feels. The singer/actress and former "American Idol"
 judge has filed a $20 million lawsuit against her ex-chauffeur for extortion and defamation after claiming that he threatened to release damaging information about her.

According to court documents reportedly obtained by E! News, Lopez claims in the lawsuit that driver Hakob Manoukian threatened to release "disruptive and potentially damaging" information about her unless she paid him $2.8 million.

Lopez's suit claims that an attorney for Manoukian, who sued Lopez, her manager, Benny Medina, and ex-husband, Mark Anthony, for breach of contract in April, demanded the nearly $3 million payday to avoid disclosing "sensitive and personal information that he had allegedly overheard" while working for the "Goin' In"

If nothing else, Lopez's lawsuit notes that Manoukian signed a confidentiality agreement that prohibits him from disclosing anything he heard about Lopez's business or family. E! said the Lopez action is technically a countersuit answering Manoukian's original breach complaint, denying his allegations that she didn't pay him the full salary they had agreed upon.

The Lopez suit claims that Manoukian and Medina had a falling out last summer over a security team that Medina wanted to hire against Manoukian's recommendation. After that, she says, Manoukian became "hostile and angry" toward Medina and "plotted to retaliate" against the star and her manager. "In the furtherance of this plot, he abruptly terminated his employment with Ms. Lopez and began to threaten her," the suit reads.