Lady Gaga's Best Little Monsters Photos ... So Far

The Mother Monster lets fans inside her world on her custom-built social-networking site.

Sure, Lady Gaga's fans have taken to her social-networking site,, and made it a place to connect and even post wacky, cool pics of the singer. They've even imagined her as unicorns (including this one and this one).

But it's also become a place where Gaga herself has become even more connected with devoted fans.

Since launching the site in July, it has become a site where the Mother Monster not only unveils her latest projects, but also gives fans a behind-the-scenes peek at her life.

She's already made several major announcements on the site, including her role in "Machete Kills", her artwork for her Fame fragrance, of course, the title of her next album, ARTPOP. Heck, she's also written some poems about it.

In between those career moments, there have also been several more candid and sometimes earnest snapshots that have showed other sides of Gaga. MTV News is rounding up some of the sweetest, most expected and most Gaga photos that she has posted on the site thus far.

The singer went "au natural" in one shot she posted on the site. Wearing no makeup and no wigs, she shows off what she looks like without all the pomp and circumstance. Why did she get so real? Well, she wrote, "i feel at home on"

Things got even more real several photos later. Gaga bared it all in a nude photo of herself taken after her pop-up shop opening at Barney's in New York City last November. In the photo, Gaga appears in her birthday suit, but all curled up so that nothing is exposed. The caption is as simple as what Gaga is wearing in the photo. It reads, "Resting after BARNEY'S GAGA WORKSHOP OPENING IN NY."

Gaga lets fans into her slumber party with Lindsay Lohan on the site, posting a series of snapshots of and with the starlet, as well as celebrity photographer, Ellen Von Unwerth. "WE WOKE UP ON THE FLOOR, OF SUITE 64," she said of the get-together at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

She not only let fans into her friendship with LaLohan, but also into her relationship with former "Vampire Diaries" actor Taylor Kinney. She posted a photo of herself naked in a pool with him, with the most understated of captions, "T and Me."

Fans got to see what Gaga looked like as a baby Stefani Germanotta in a family photo she posted. In the photo, an infant Gaga is seen in her godfather's arms. She posted the snapshot after his passing, writing, "My godfather died yesterday, sweet man I love him. That's me, just a lil baby in his arms. Buono note."

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