Bryan Singer’s ‘H+ The Digital Series’ Shuts Down Hardwired Humans

'The actual audiences themselves become a part of the storytelling process,' writer John Cabrera tells MTV News about the Web series debuting on YouTube.

If you’re finding it hard to escape the constant tug of your iPhone, iPad, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Skype or Instagram, just wait until we’ve all got tiny computers implanted in our brains. It will happen, and it’s not that far in the future. That is, according to “H+ The Digital Series,” which premieres today on YouTube.

Produced by Bryan Singer, directed by Stewart Hendler (of the 2009 horror flick “Sorority Row”), and distributed by Warner Bros., “H+” asks the perpetually relevant question: What happens to us when technology goes very wrong? The HPlus of the title is a chip that can be installed into the human nervous system, giving its owner ultimate access to the Internet all day, every day. When a computer virus attacks, a third of the world’s population is literally — and permanently — switched off.

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