Pauly D Has Some Big Plans For Snooki's Baby

'I'm gonna get him some DJ equipment!' 'Jersey Shore' star tells MTV News.

It's no secret that Pauly D is excited that "Jersey Shore" co-star Snooki is expecting her first child and prepping for a wedding with beau Jionni LaValle. And even though Uncle Pauly is excited to welcome Snooki's little bundle of joy into the "JS" gang, he has yet to go out and buy her son a gift.

But he does have a pretty good idea of what he wants to get him: "I'm gonna get him some DJ equipment!" Pauly told MTV News on the set of his SK Energy photo shoot in New York City. In fact, he even has plans to "teach him how to teach DJ."

Well, Pauly is certainly the right uncle-type to teach Snooki's baby, given just how successful he has been himself. But he's not just looking forward to teaching him the art of DJing; he is just generally overjoyed by the idea of having a baby in the crew.

"I feel like we're all having this baby, because it's the first 'Jersey Shore' baby," he said. "And we never thought in a million years Snooki would be a mother, so we're all gonna help her."

Since announcing the pregnancy earlier this spring, over the course of several interviews, Pauly has noted: "We will take care of this baby with her." And he's so dedicated to being there for his pal, he's even said he might show up in the delivery room the day she gives birth.

"You want to know why [I'm real excited]? I love babies! I love everything about them, when they're not yours. So I'll take care of it, spoil it and then when it's crying, give it back to Snooki," he joked back in March.

Fans will get to see what happens with Pauly, Snooki and the rest of their pals when the new season of "Jersey Shore" kicks off in October.

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